Balangay Productions

About the Publisher

Isang Balangay Media Productions (Balangay Books) is envisioned as an instrument for empowering local and grassroots literature and readership, publishing literary books primarily for the benefit of the Filipino writers’ immediate communities or the localities they live in. It propels communities to value literary works produced by their own writers who, for some reason, have remained unknown to them. It also encourages the production of books within these communities by conducting workshops that build-up confidence in publishing books as a communal effort.

Balangay Productions helps preserve and enrich a local community’s literary wealth and resources. It believes that supporting local literature strengthens the people’s self-worth and identity, thereby giving them a renewed sense of purpose.

Balangay aims to reach many local shores. And, like the mighty boat from which it is named, it hopes to make avenues of the seas which are thought to separate local literary landscapes.