Claiming Indie Spaces
in Challenging Times

The Indie Publishers Collab-PH (TIPC-PH) will launch its first-ever online convention this November. “Claiming Indie Spaces in Challenging Times,” the theme of this year’s INDIEPUBCON, is an attempt to expand the literary horizons of the independent publishing community in the Philippines.

Registration is on-going.

Independent publishers and writers are highly encouraged to attend the event, but everyone is free to join!

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TIPC-PH dedicates this effort to those who continue to work against the odds in the Philippine publishing industry.

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INDIEPUBCON 2.0: A Showcase of Camaraderie Between Regional Indie Publishing Communities

This year’s INDIEPUBCON convention with the theme Publishing Philippines ended on a high note, with approximately 690 recorded registrants for the event. During the four-day convention, readers, writers, publishers, and book enthusiasts got the privilege of experiencing online and offline talks, book launches, and workshops in different regions. Ms. Criselda Mari (INDIEPUBCON 2.0 Coordinator) with…

INDIEPUBCON 2.0 Goes Regional: Program Announcement for NCR, Ilocos, Cebu, and Davao

In line with this year’s theme, “Publishing Philippines,” TIPC-PH officially announces the face-to-face event programs happening in NCR, Ilocos, Cebu, and Davao. No one can deny that the passing pandemic brought the local independent publishing community closer and stronger than ever. And as the industry traverses through the modern era of readership, this renewed annual…

TIPC-PH Opens Registration for INDIEPUBCON 2022

In collaboration with the National Book Development Board (NBDB), The Indie Publishers Collab-PH (TIPC-PH) officially jumpstarts registrations for INDIEPUBCON 2022.  After the successful virtual event last year, the annual convention will commence in a hybrid setting with online and on-site activities from the 24th to the 27th of November 2022. The four-day event with the…

INDIEPUBCON 2021 Day 5: Performatura meets Indie

This event presents TIPC-PH publications that held book launches, including Aklat Alamid, Southern Voices Printing Press, Alubat Publishing, Librong LIRA, Rebo Press Book Publishing, and 8Letters.

INDIEPUBCON 2021 Day 2: The Rise and Future of Indie Publishing

For Day 2 of INDIEPUBCON 2021, independent authors and publishers from diverse backgrounds and regions in the country convened to talk about the legal process of publishing, the current state of indie, and the future of publishing.

Vox Populi PH Joins CCP’s PPE: Performatura Pandemic Edition 2021

Vox Populi PH, a youth writing organization with digital and print publication and broadcast arms, has weathered various storms brought by the pandemic and remains firmly committed to bringing the best youth writing in the Philippines to more readers.

The Art of Anthologies

According to the panel, “anthologies bring writers together,” they shall be talking about how to write/form a successful anthology, the mistakes that publishers and writers should avoid, and how to publish successful anthologies.

The Journey from Being a Writer to a Publisher

“The Journey from Being a Writer to a Publisher” will be a recorded discussion and can be viewed via TIPC-PH’s Facebook Page and YouTube channel on Sunday, November 21, at 7:00 p.m. 

Indie on the Cutting Edge

INDIEPUBCON 2021 will be hosting the talk “Indie on the Cutting Edge” with speaker Kristian Cordero of Savage Minds Bookshop.