Registration Ongoing for INDIEPUBCON 2021

The Indie Publishers Collab-PH (TIPC-PH), in collaboration with the National Book Development Board and CCP Intertextual Division, will launch its first-ever online convention on the 21st November 2021. 

The five day event, with the theme “Claiming Indie Spaces in Challenging Times,” aims to expand the literary horizons of the independent publishing community in the Philippines. The event will be joined and hosted by several independent publishers and writers in the Philippine literary community, both in the physical and digital spaces.

Independent publishers and writers are highly encouraged to attend the event, but everyone is free to join! Anyone interested in becoming part of this convention and learning from the pioneers in the independent publication movement can register through this link:

INDIEPUBCON 2021 endeavors to become the first of many future events that will provide both the venue and platform for current and future aspiring publishers and writers to collaborate and convene. The schedule of the event is as follows:

  • Friday to Monday, November 19 to 22 (6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, November 23 (1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.) 

The event will highlight several publications from all over the Philippines, including TIPC-PH publications such as 8letters, Aklat Alamid, Alubat Publishing, Balangay Productions, Kasingkasing Press, Librong LIRA, Rebo Press, and Southern Voices Printing Press. 

Visit their Linktree profile to know the current poll of independent publishers for this event:

This event is made possible by the National Book Development Board. Vox Populi PH is the official media partner for INDIEPUBCON 2021.

Published by Jay-ar G. Paloma

Jay-ar G. Paloma is an HR executive by day and a frustrated artist by night. He has extensive background in campus journalism as an editor-in-chief in elementary and high school as well as a contributor in his college days in UP Diliman. Currently the Associate Editor at Vox Populi PH, he likes to read and write fiction and opinion pieces relating to LGBTQ, social media, and culture. When not engrossed in a book, he is probably playing a tune on his guitar or keyboard.

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