Legalities of Indie Publishing

A growing number of Filipino authors are self-publishing their own books, and the book industry is flourishing. Self-publishing and small-scale publishing companies in the Philippines can enable Filipino authors of all ages and backgrounds to reach new audiences.

Getting a book published can be a challenge for new authors. Unfortunately, fewer books were published each year due to high inventory costs and limited funding resources.

It was the most challenging element of all when it came to paying for the enormous minimum print run. Despite the pandemic’s end, there is still a socioeconomic disparity in the country that needs to be bridged.

Traditional self-publishing, typically a laborious and expensive undertaking for the author, is the other option. Typesetting, layouts, obtaining an ISBN number, and most importantly, registering copyrights were some of the arduous processes they had to deal with while working on their own book.

Those rights inherently belong to the creator of an original work of authorship like a book, music, film, or piece of software. Thus, they are referred to as “copyrights.” Reproducing, creating derivative works, distributing copies, performing, and displaying the work publicly are examples of these rights.

By providing authors with property rights, copyright aims to encourage them to create new works and make them available to the public for easier availability. As a result, creators benefit financially, and the public benefits from creative works that wouldn’t otherwise have been generated or disseminated if copyright laws weren’t in place to safeguard their intellectual property.

The Indie Publishers Collab – PH’s (TIPC-PH) goal is to introduce publishing to make it more accessible for the writers. Writers can now have the creative freedom to publish and market their own books without the need for established printers and publishers.

For this online discussion, Kath Eustaquio-Derla of PaperKat Books will discuss the tedious process of self-publishing, focusing on its legalities. Additionally, this webinar will discuss the necessary steps and guidelines a new writer-publisher must follow to abide by the printing and publishing guidelines within the country.

Kath Eustaquio-Derla is the brainchild behind PaperKat Books, the publishing arm under HK Grafik Print. This humble small design and print company is based in Pasig City. It is solely operated by the NBDB registered author, book publisher, and book printer.  

Interested participants are expected to pre-register using the TIPC-PH’s registration form. This discussion will be open for the public and is part of the five-day event of INDIEPUBCON 2021 with the theme “Claiming Indie Spaces in Challenging Times.”

Catch the discussion “Legalities of Indie Publishing” on Saturday, November 20, starting at 4:00 p.m. on TIPC-PH’s Facebook Page and Youtube channel. Additional insights from National Book Development Board will also be included in this insightful discussion.

This event is made possible by the National Book Development Board. Vox Populi PH is the official media partner for INDIEPUBCON 2021.

Published by Marya Jimenez

Marya Jimenez (she/they) works as a freelance writer, layout artist, and website specialist in Pampanga. Some of her literary works have been recognized by the Saranggola Blog Awards and the Gawad Digmaang Rosas. Marya is also the author of “Salamín: Mga Personal na Prosa” (Rebo Press, 2020). Her chapbook entitled “Anatomiya ng Pandemya” is a recipient of Peter’s Prize for Covid Literature 2021. Her written works, both literary and journalistic, are published in Assortedge, Philippines Graphic, Revolt Magazine PH, Vox Populi PH, The Loch Raven Review, and Rappler. She is the founder of Rebo Press Book Publishing and the current Publication Director of Vox Populi PH. For inquiries, email them at maria(at)voxpopuliph(dot)com.

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