The Evolution of Indie Publishing: From Physical to Digital Spaces

The importance of independent publishing, and its symbiotic relationship with commercial publishing, cannot be understated. Filling in a niche in the bigger literary space, independent publishing offers services similar to those offered by traditional publishers, but in new and innovative methods. As independent publishers, we put more emphasis on cultivating partnerships with writers, editors, and all stakeholders in the publishing space, as well as fund and oversee the book’s development and promotion. This is all with the goal of providing a platform for the publication of works by other writers.

Independent publishing was born out of a need to expand both creativity and control in the writing and publishing process. In contrast with commercial publishers, independent publishers are generally interested in something niche or different: they make their own decisions based on quality rather than profit or number. They have complete control over all decisions and are largely not bound by any rules. They don’t publish what people think is popular; instead, they publish what they believe in. Looking at these advantages, it is not surprising that we have seen the rise in the number of independent publishers in the past decade.

The rise of the internet age gave birth to the digital space, and consequently the beginning of independent publishing online. The non-physical form made way for several huge advantages: from a faster turnaround time, a more interconnected space of remote writers, and most importantly, the utilization of different types of new media (such as podcasts, videos and the like) as forms of literature. “Indie publishing” has blossomed in the Philippine literary scene, transforming the contemporary landscape of arts and letters. Furthermore, as independent publishers have adapted to the difficult times of the epidemic, the indie community has managed to leave its mark—enough to be recognized, but with much more work to do.

For the third day of INDIEPUBCON 2021, TIPC-PH publications 8letters, Rebo Press, and Vox Populi PH will examine how indie publishing has changed over time, from tangible books to the digital realm. The conference will also cover the benefits of independent publishing as well as how communities may be imitated and altered to improve the Philippine literary scene.

Cindy Wong of 8letters will speak about the physical component of independent publishing. Ronaldo Vivo, Jr. of UNGAZ PRESS and Kate Velez of LitArt Hub Publishing will provide additional insights into the physical printing landscape.

In addition, Rebo Press’ Maria Kristelle Jimenez will speak about the current state of digital publishing and the emergence of digital publications in the Philippines. Micah Corin A. Salonoy and Elisha Lilith S. Aguinaldo of Vox Populi PH will discuss the terrains of contemporary youth literature. This will be moderated by Jay-ar G. Paloma and Marius D. Carlos, Jr. 

“The Evolution of Indie Publishing: From Physical to Digital Spaces” will be a recorded discussion and can be viewed via TIPC-PH’s Facebook Page and YouTube channel on Sunday, November 21, at 4:00 p.m. The event will be followed by a Q&A portion, and is expected to be a lively and insightful meeting-of-the-minds between indie professionals and aspirants.

Anyone interested to join the forum can read about the registration process here.

This event is made possible by the National Book Development Board. Vox Populi PH is the official media partner for INDIEPUBCON 2021.

Published by Jay-ar G. Paloma

Jay-ar G. Paloma is an HR executive by day and a frustrated artist by night. He has extensive background in campus journalism as an editor-in-chief in elementary and high school as well as a contributor in his college days in UP Diliman. Currently the Associate Editor at Vox Populi PH, he likes to read and write fiction and opinion pieces relating to LGBTQ, social media, and culture. When not engrossed in a book, he is probably playing a tune on his guitar or keyboard.

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