INDIEPUBCON In Review: A Look Back At Last Year’s Event & What To Look Forward in 2022

indiepubcon look back

After going virtual for the first installment of INDIEPUBCON 2021, the convention returns this year with an empowering theme, “Publishing Philippines,” and a mix of online and on-site activities from November 24th to 27th. 

TIPC-PH spearheaded this event amid pandemic uncertainties in hopes of gathering together independent and small presses to collaborate and assist each other. Thanks to the joint efforts of the National Book Development Board, media partners, and participating publishers, last year’s virtual convention concluded on a high note. 

Before we head to the next chapter of this annual event, let’s look back at the fruitful initiatives and collaborations INDIEPUBCON achieved over the past year. 

INDIEPUBCON 2021: Claiming Indie Spaces in Challenging Times

True to the theme “Claiming Indie Spaces in Challenging Times,” TIPC-PH’s first-ever virtual convention became a platform to voice unique publishing experiences and challenges amid the ongoing worldwide crisis. 

In case you missed it, here are the important event highlights that fostered modern solutions and new opportunities that the organization hopes to continue this year. 

Defining and Defending Publishers and Writers

Besides lively presentations and book promotions, last year’s virtual convention tackled what it means to be an independent publisher. Key speakers from different presses openly emphasized the challenges publishers and writers faced when presenting nonconformist books and ideas.

A special round-table lecture during the event posed crucial questions on the real history and meaning of indie publishing. The scarcity of written histories in literary book production became a huge part of this discussion. 

The publishers who headlined the lecture also stood firm that young creators need not be published under mainstream publishing houses to be called a writer. 

Discussing the Legalities of Indie Publishing

INDIEPUBCON 2021 also invited key speakers to discuss the legalities of being an independent publisher in the Philippines. The virtual talk covers all the requirements aspiring publishers must submit, like DTI Business Name Registration, a BIR 2303 Certificate of Registration, and a Business Permit. 

On top of that, the importance of ISBN in the publishing industry is highlighted during online discussions. As the applications for these legal product identifiers can be filed virtually, authors and publishers are highly encouraged to take advantage of this initiative. 

Opportunities in Physical & Digital Publishing Spaces

Through another round table discussion, last year’s panelists recount the rise of independent publishing through digital media and non-traditional publications. The speakers detailed how modern-day publishers could use these platforms to expand their book distribution and monetization roadmap. 

In this talk, publishers share the goal of melding digital and physical spaces to advance modern indie publishing communities. However, this shared vision also means small pressers must overcome challenges like the country’s poor internet connection and technical barriers to reintroducing reading to the general public. 

Book Launches at CCP’s Performatura: Pandemic Edition

Through the collaboration of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and TIPC-PH, INDIEPUBCON 2021 participating publishers took part in the 3rd day of Performatura: Pandemic Edition

This joint event featured virtual book launches, which included titles from Aklat Alamid, Southern Voices Printing Press, Alubat Publishing, Librong LIRA, Rebo Press Book Publishing, and 8Letters.

What’s New In INDIEPUBCON 2.0: Publishing Philippines?

For the second time around, a four-day hybrid event will be led by The Indie Publishers Collab PH (TIPC-PH). In light of last year’s success in defining indie publishing and its role in today’s world, the organization now aims to continue its initiative and highlight the importance of regional book publications in expanding the local publishing scene.

Here are the new things you can look forward to when you attend INDIEPUBCON 2.0: 

On-site Book Fairs & Book Launches

For the first time since the event was organized, book fairs and book launches will be held in physical and virtual locations. Aspiring publishers, authors, and book enthusiasts nationwide are invited to come as the event is set to launch on-site activities in North Luzon, NCR, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Modern Book Marketing & Promotions

As the indie publishing industry welcomes a new generation of readers and writers, INDIEPUBCON 2.0 hopes to talk about smart book marketing and promotions. These discussions will include modern strategies that are effective for today’s book publishers and sellers. 

Activities for Huseng Batute’s birthday and Cebu LitFest

As this year’s event will coincide with Huseng Batute’s birthday and Cebu LitFest, various talks, readings, performances, and open mics are scheduled to take place. Keep an eye on TIPC-PH social media channels for further announcements about these event activities. 

Are you interested in joining the TIPC-PH’s hybrid event? You can register for free through this Google form link:

Published by The Indie Publishers Collab-PH

The Indie Publishers Collab-PH (TIPC-PH) is a collective of independent publishers from all over the Philippine peninsula. The collective aims to create literary ventures for the independent publishing community within the country by introducing literary pieces that are not considered mainstream.

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